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2. ATHLETic training

Our Athlete Training program is custom designed for each athlete based on their current strengths and weaknesses along with the sport you are training for. Sessions will range from two to three days a week. Your coach from KBP will meet with you, put you through a series of challenges, movements, and questions, and then design your program accordingly. We train athletes to compete at their highest level and ability from high school students, collegiate level, and professional. Sessions will consist of the foam rolling period with a focus on pliability, active warm-up, sport-specific functional training, conditioning, and recovery. Sessions can be in small group sessions, camps, or personal one on one training. All training programs are designed by our founder Kyle Brown and implemented through our coaching staff.


Two Month Program (Athletes Only)

Athlete Training 3 Days/week - $185 /month, $370 Total

• Athlete Training 2 Days/week - $125 /month, $250 Total

• Middle School Athlete Training - $100 /month, $200 Total