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Relax, Detox, and Recover Better with the KBP Heat

Additional benefits of the Sauna at KBP include:

•  Pain relief

•  Weight loss

•  Improved circulation

KBP is leading the industry with its state-of-the-art Cold Plunge, infrared sauna, and Normatec compression pants. All modalities are used to train the mind just as much as to train the body to get ready for the next workout.

Each recovery modality will be setup and personalized to each client. You have the option to have a guided experience with a KBP Coach, or a self-exploration session. Please note in the booking process if you would like to be guided, temperature, duration, and/or pressure level if known.

Reduce Inflammation, Ease Sore Muscles, and Sleep Better with the KBP Cold Plunge

Additional benefits of ice baths at KBP include:

•  Boost energy and metabolism

•  Elevate mood and mental focus

•  Increase blood flow and reduce chronic pain

Accelerate your post-workout recovery with KBP Air

Additional benefits of Normatec at KBP include:

•  Muscle fatigue relief

•  Improved range of motion

•  Feel recharged after a workout session

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