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Fitness Equipments

10-Week Athlete Training programs

Ages: Athletes ranging from 11-22 years old (6th grade to college).

All sports and disciplines! 

Sport Exercise

what you get

Our Athlete Training program is custom designed for each athlete. Based on their current strengths and weaknesses along with the sport you are training for, we design workouts just for you! Sessions will range from two to three days a week. We train athletes to compete at their highest level and ability from high school students, collegiate level, and professional. Sessions will consist of a foam rolling period with a focus on pliability, active warm-up, sport-specific functional training, conditioning, and recovery.


Summer 2023
June 19 - Sept. 1
see mindbody for schedule & times

Weights at Gym


Kyle Brown Performance
85 Manchester St. Concord, NH 03301
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